Editorial calendar

Every month, we will have a suggested theme. We encourage you to use that theme, but you are always free to write reviews that fall into any of these categories. And we are open to adding new ones. Because we are only starting publication in February 2015, we will be using the January theme for our initial posts. After that, as a rule of thumb contributors who have been granted site access should upload their new reviews by the first of each month. New contributors will need to submit reviews at least one week before that to ensure the editors have time for review and editing.

Issue Post theme Description
January That’s So Last Year Contributors re-listen to and reflect on the album – old or new – that they played the most in the previous year or that made the biggest impact on them.
February The Same River Remember that album that you couldn’t stop listening to years ago? Pull it out for another spin and compare the experiences of listening then and now.
March Sorry Not Sorry Guilty pleasures that contributors are enjoying or have enjoyed in the past.
April Album No. 1,002 What album would you add to the list of “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die”?
May Made You Listen Contributors choose music for each other to listen to music that they otherwise might have missed (or purposely avoided).
June Turning Points Recordings that opened the listener’s eyes and ears in some new important way. We are not just talking about an artist or even a genre, but more about The Big Picture.
July The Best New Old Thing Whether it’s found through Spotify, a garage sale or a reissue, these older recordings are impressing our contributors right now.
August Summer Breezes A light album perfect for relaxing on the dog days of summer or taking a summer road trip.
September Now I Get It An album that opened one’s eyes to a genre. It could be the first album of that genre that the writer heard, or a later one that made everything click.
October Not Just One Hit Albums by groups that have been unfairly dismissed as One-Hit Wonders.
November I Heard the Strangest Thing An album that made you — or your friends — wonder “Is that even music?”
December All Things Reconsidered Related to Now I Get It, but on the level of artists more than genres, like coming to appreciate a band you once didn’t much like, like Steely Dan